I’m Adholic Prashant , Speaker, Coach & Marketing Consultant

Hey! My name is Prashant Sharma, born and brought up in Rajasthan. In 2012, I walked away from my college that time I was doing B. Tech(Civil Engineering). Then I started my career as a telecaller at the age of 19 from New Delhi. When I first came to Delhi I got my first job after 20 or maybe 25 rejections. I worked there for two years and then I launch my first start-up in 2014 and after a year that does not work. Then I again decided to do a job. I knew nothing would be achieved if I stayed here or lost, this is not to stop, keep going, there will be more opportunities and In 2015, I again started my job!

When I did my first startup in 2014 it did not work because neither I had funding nor proper marketing, But as of now I am a Certified Digital Marketer and I want to help startups or businesses that are searching for the right marketing. And I want to feel them that you are not alone, I always help people just like you.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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