Real Estate Leads

Real estate leads: Best Real estate leads generation strategies 2021

Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Leads is the supreme need for agents and builders but the most important thing is how you can find valuable customers who need property right now.
It is not easy but it is not impossible, As we all know today is the world of online marketing and if a buyer needs a property, first of all, they do research online about the property and area. To attend to those customers your business should be available online and for that, you need to create an online presence of your business.

Create A Online Presence For Your Business To Get Exclusive Real Estate Leads

Creating a website for your business is one of the Best Way To Get Real Estate Leads, so if you are going to create an online presence of your real estate business so you should create a website first. And list all your properties and projects on your website. By creating this you are creating a single link for your valuable customers to find every information about your property and project in a single place. Steps for creating a website for your real estate business.


  • Book A Domain 
  • Create a Theme Based Website
  • List Your All Projects And Properties 
  • Contact Details, So that people can contact you directly if they any doubt and question

Role Of Social Media In Real Estate Lead Generation

Social media platforms are the most growing tools for marketing so you should create a stronger presence of your business on social media platforms also. It is so simple to just create business pages on every social media platform with your brand/company name and start publishing unique content related to property and projects. You can post daily updates, unique posts, property images on your social media pages and by doing this you provide your customers new feed daily about your business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest these are the most growing social media platforms that you can use for your real estate business. You can also use Facebook For Real Estate Leads, you can run paid ads for your property and projects, and can boost your post on daily bases for a wider reach of your real estate business through Facebook and Instagram. Facebook lead generation for realtors is the best and budget-friendly process, you can run your paid marketing as per your pocket allowed there is no fixed pricing for that. You can speak to our Digital Marketing Freelancer for campaign creation and management on Facebook.


  • Create Your Brand Pages On Every Social Media Platform
  • Link Your Social Media Pages On Your Main Website 
  • Share Post And Updates Daily On Your Pages 
  • Be Active On Social Media Pages 
  • Run Ads For Better Reach 
  • Use Social Media Paid Marketing For lead generation activities for real estate

Publishing Content On YouTube Is The  Best Way To Get Buyer Leads In Real Estate

We all love watching videos, we prefer to watch video content rather than text content that is why today video becomes the most popular tool to get buyer leads in real estate. You should use this strategy for your real estate business like you can create a youtube channel with your brand name and can post properties videos on your channel or you can shoot a video for your channel.

Can share property details in your videos like pricing of the property, area location and other technical details. But you should create a short and informative video because the first 10 seconds will decide whether the user will watch your full video or not. Use Thumbnail for posting on YouTube. Youtube is the 2nd top search engine in the world so you can use Youtube for property lead generation


  • Create A YouTube Channel With The Name Of Your Brand 
  • Treat Your Channel As A Website 
  • Maintain All Your Agency Details In About Section Of Your Channel
  • Post Your Property Videos On Daily Bases In Your Channel
  • Use tags 
Real estate leads generation strategies

A Referral is the #1 Real Estate Lead Generation Tool

Most people reach out to an agent or builder to purchase a property through any of their references. There is no better marketing tool than a referral, And the most important thing is that referrals also have no cost of marketing. Because when anyone buys a property, he definitely states in his circle so create a network and build strong relationships with your existing customers for Property Lead Generation


  • Create A Network With Your Existing Customers 
  • Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Previous Customers
  • Get In Touch With Them 
  • Wish Them On Festival, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.

How Search Engines Is The Best Place For Finding Real Estate Leads

Today is the time of online and when we have to purchase any of our new things or want to know more about it, we do a search on the search engine. And most searches are only on Google, most people search on Google itself. So Google is the best real estate lead generation system, you can do this easily by optimising your business website on the google search engine. You can rank your website easily on top search results of Google by doing search engine optimization for your website. Because when someone is searching for a property online, it means that they want the property. And if their search reaches you and they get proper information on your website, then they will inquire definitively and that inquiry will be your lead. Because it is very important to have a direct lead in any business If lead directly comes to you so this is the best option for real estate leads. And this process also creates an online reputation for your business.

You can also use Google Ads for best real estate leads. There are two types of ads in google one is Google Search Network Ads and another one is Google Display Ads you can use both for better performance. And for more info about this, you can consult with our PPC Consultant and they will guide you properly for better performance. And for your better understanding,


There are many ways to generate real estate leads like you can take membership of any property advertising website and list your properties and projects there or you can buy real estate leads from any website. But if you want leads to come to you so for that you should create an online presence of your business so that people can find you digitally. And you can do this easily by doing these things. 

Create a website for your business 

Improve your ranking on Google search result pages by doing SEO

Be active on social media 

Create a youtube channel for your business and publish your properties videos there 

Use social media ads 

Use Google ads 

Still, if you have any doubt or query, You can consult with our Digital Marketing Consultant. Send your query in comment box we will reach you shortly

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